One-Eyed, One-Horned, Driving Purple People Seater

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February 1, 2013 by Danny

Rickshaw Design TeaserIt’s official: we have a rickshaw design! Last night we sent the design to the Adventurists, who are at this very moment sending the design to India, where they will hire painters to paint our rickshaw so our beautiful beast is all ready for us when we arrive in early April.

We’ve thanked him profusely on this blog before, but thanks need to go once again to Mr. Ryan Carter of Whaleskin Illustration, who worked tirelessly on a mere two-week deadline to get us not only one great design, but two. Both options were great, but all three of us unanimously knew right away what the correct answer was. You can see the alternate design here, which deserves to be appreciated in its own right for how badass it is. But we ultimately decided against it for two main reasons: (1) if we need to drive at night, driving a rickshaw that’s almost completely black is probably not the safest bet, and (2) the second design is just so damn goofy we couldn’t resist.

And what is this goofy design we chose, you ask? Drumroll, please:

Rickshaw Design(Click to enlarge)


Isn’t that a beauty? We all fell in love with it immediately, and as it is now February, a mere ONE calendar-flip away from our departure date (March 30th, for those wondering), I think I speak for the entire team when I say we are dying to climb behind this purple beast and hit the (extremely) dusty trail. As if we weren’t planning on drawing enough attention to ourselves, we’re guaranteed to turn many an Indian head in our lavender steed.

Thanks again to Ryan for all his incredible work (did you take the time to fully appreciate Chewy with his sitar on the front?) on the design and everything else he’s done for us. It speaks to our deep respect and trust in Ryan’s talents that he managed to make us fall in love with the idea of spending two weeks in a bright purple rickshaw. Expect roughly 4,000 photos of the beast once we finally meet it. I’m already tearing up at the thought of saying goodbye to it in Shillong.

Now we just need to think up a name for the thing…

In the meantime, have you donated yet? We very much need your help to reach our goal and we would be ecstatic if you’d consider tossing some cash at our charities.

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