Our Charities

frankwaterfulllogoFRANK Water has been the official charity of the Rickshaw Run for years, and we’re excited to continue the tradition in raising money for them this year! Through donations, FRANK Water brings sustainable, community-owned fresh water projects to rural communities in India that do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. They do really wonderful things, and through the Rickshaw Run, they’ve been able to start over 70 new fresh water projects, bringing safe drinking water to more than 400,000 people. Think about that insanity for a second: A bunch of kids go on a wild adventure, their friends and family chip in some cash, and then HALF A MILLION PEOPLE GET TO DRINK WATER THAT WON’T KILL THEM?! This is mind-blowing. Please donate by clicking the link below:PleaseDonateCircle
EGPAF_4cThe Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation wants to stop AIDS from spreading to children. Of all the HIV-infected women in the world, only an estimated 20% of them are receiving life-saving care and education. This means the other 80% are dying, and oftentimes passing on the disease to their children due to a lack of healthcare or educational resources. This is awful, and it’s why we chose these guys as our second charity. AIDS and HIV aren’t the death sentences in the U.S. that they once were but it’s a very, very real problem for other parts of the world, and innocent kids shouldn’t have to die from it. If we can help save even one kid’s life from the donations we get from this stupid adventure we’re going on, that would be an incredible thing. Please donate to this cause by clicking the link below:PleaseDonateCircle

2 thoughts on “Our Charities

  1. Geri Wanner says:

    From another mother who will be stressed, (Lindsey’s) but this quote by Helen Keller gives me a better understanding of it all. “Life is a daring adventure, or it is nothing at all.” May the force be with you. But in addition to that, I will be sending many prayers on your behalf! May your adventure be the best ever!

  2. Tatiana Erickson says:

    Go Team! Sending prayers and blessings with you. Be safe!

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