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4,000 kilometers. Three lunatics in over their heads. Two worthy charities. One rickshaw.

RickshawRunLogoThe Rickshaw Run is a 4,000-kilometer charity event across the Indian subcontinent that is not for the faint of heart.

Imagine climbing into a flimsy, three-wheeled vehicle that sports a rusted engine no more powerful than what you find in your average lawnmower. You have under two weeks to drive this thing from New York City to Mexico City. Now imagine you don’t speak a word of the local language (and the local language varies from state to state), you don’t understand the rules of the road (or, rather, the lack of rules), and you know absolutely nothing about fixing a broken engine. And you have to cross the Himalayas.

This is the Rickshaw Run, arguably one of the wildest adventures humanity has devised. It’s so intense, a newspaper in Australia (a country not known for taking it easy) just named it the second-most extreme adventure in the world, four spots above shooting rhinos with darts.

For a sample of the madness, check out this short clip:

(For more information about the Rickshaw Run, or the Adventurists and their other insane charity events, check out their website.)

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